WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

In the words of the esteemed Karl Lagerfeld, “One is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” Over-dressed and under-dressed couldn’t be farther from opposites, just like day and night. When it comes to dusk till dawn, there are endless possibilities on what exactly to wear for the occasion.  It just takes a little switch of the shoes, a tousle of some hair, and a bold lip to go from work mode to party mode. After all, adding some flair with the help of a disco ball doesn’t sound like a bad night.  A little black dress—or something fairly close to it, in this instance—deems to be a flawless choice when going for ceaseless style and rhythmic dernier cri.

This Fashionista is wearing a black, low cut romper with cuff sleeves, which is a perfect piece for versatility. From sunshine to moonlight, rompers like this are definitely ready for good times. Flats, pumps, and stilettos, you name it; suede shoes are everything right now (a big thank you to the ‘70s!). These grey block heels are all suede and all sleek. With the sun beating down on you and the wind blowing through your hair, it isn’t a bad idea to wear a hat. This wide brim hat is just as darling as it is practical. With the addition of these mandala inspired earrings, everything is ready to go. To transition from a 90-degree day into a 65-degree night, just let those locks flow from under that hat and dab some shimmer onto those lids! Grab a chic clutch to complement the look and you’ll be ready to hit dinner and get down on the dance floor.

One Simple Change: Have a date coming up? Time to let your hair down; add a colorful clutch and get your groove back with some block heels and you’ll be looking more than gorgeous throughout the night!