WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

December 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Am I the only one who dresses for the entire day? Seriously, once I am dressed there is no turning back. As I plan my “Outfit of the Day” I like to think of everything that is on the agenda. Doing this allows you to dress accordingly, therefore avoiding complete wardrobe changes or being uncomfortable. For example, just because you are going on a lunch date immediately after your Geology class, does not mean you should wear your skater dress and wedges on today’s geology hike. You have to plan accordingly and consider every factor, just like our Fashionista here.

This Fashionista knows how to create a day to night look! On her busy days she likes to dress casual enough for class, while acceptable for and after work. This Fashionista is an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development student who works in retail, so classes and work do not restrict her to a tight dress code. With our Fashionista’s style selection of a classic flannel, the ‘90s-inspired jeans from Express and white converse, she cannot go wrong as she serves a timeless look that is functional for the day and night. Also, our Fashionista dressed this outfit with a white scarf and a pop of color on the eyes and lips, which allows this outfit to go from day to night.

One Simple Change: Want to amplify this look for going out on the town? As you are planning your outfit of the day, slide on a pair of riding boots and a jacket or vest into a bag for later. By changing small aspects of your outfit you can easily take this look to the next level, without putting hardly any effort into it.