WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

October 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

Texas has begun its usual temperamental weather changes at an attempt to prepare for “cold weather.” Due to the odd climate year we’ve been experiencing, it’s no surprise that fall is seemingly arriving earlier than expected, especially in the mornings; however, since it’s still 90-plus degrees by afternoon, today’s look is ideal for combating fluctuating temperatures throughout the day stylishly.

One of the first key pieces to utilize when facing brisk mornings is an accessory to keep your noggin warm. With many variations of on-trend hats, this Fashionista opted for the ultimate head banger: a beanie. As it’s naturally slouchy and thin, it’s the ideal accessory for mornings and is easily removed once the sun completely rises. Remaining with dark hues, a simple V-neck adorns her top half and a comfortable leather jacket has been selected for outerwear. Once lunchtime arrives, this Fashionista can wrap her jacket around her waist and use it once more at night. Completing this look, the ultimate fall go-to—leggings, in a heather gray selection coupled with sturdy black combat boots.

Cool mornings and warm afternoons offer full days of classes, studying by the river, evening meetings and nighttime fun with friends. With simple and versatile basics, you’re able to coordinate a chic ensemble that endures. Effortlessly prepare for the transitions with inspiration from this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: For your girl’s night out, swap the leggings for high-waisted black denim, for an all-black and chic ensemble ready to take on the town! For even more of a bold look, exchange your combat boots for heeled black booties.