WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Girls just want to have fun, but they also want to look good doing it! Sometimes college students get stuck with late Friday classes and don’t have time to take a shower, change and do their makeup. By the time they do, they are exhausted from all the preparation. Well, college students can solve that with a quick day to night outfit! By wearing going out clothes to class, you will be saving time and yourself a headache. A day to night outfit is the perfect mix between casual and glamorous because of their versatility. This Fashionista gives a great example of how to make your day to night work!

This Fashionista makes it super simple by wearing a jumpsuit. Since fall and winter are approaching, wearing an outfit that will keep you warm, is an excellent option! At UNCW, they keep the classrooms pretty chilly, so jumpsuits save the day in making sure you are not freezing before you hit the nightlife. Also, It makes it super simple to just put on one thing! This Fashionista also uses accessories to brighten up the look and draw attention to her jumpsuit. It keeps the look chic, but also classy. By pairing this outfit with open-toed shoes, it fully completes the outfit. This Fashionista has the right idea in what to wear when she is going out for a night on the town!

One Simple Change: Going on a first date or a fancy dinner? Add a sweater or cardigan and some high-heeled shoes, and it will transform this look into a date night or meet the parents outfit. This will elevate the look into classy and chic or even formal and romantic.