WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Sometimes, a girl just needs to wear a puffy skirt. We all have those days where we want to look “gooooood” during the day and get attention for our outfits. My favorite trick, and apparently this Fashionista’s as well, is to wear one dressy garment and pair it with others that will dress it down.

A white crop top is a must-have for the summer, but it is also a great basic because it goes both ways—it can dress down your outfit or it can liven it up. A cross-body bag is another versatile piece; if it’s the right size, it can be worn with a casual or a dressy outfit and for the day or for the evening. By pairing white Converse with her white top, this Fashionista was able to turn her dressy, puffy skirt into a fun and trendy day outfit. This skirt and crop top combo can be perfect for shopping in SoHo, grabbing brunch in East Village or even a night out in Meatpacking—just with a simple change.

As this Fashionista was helpful enough to include, she showed me how she likes to change the outfit from day to night. By simply scrapping the Converse and throwing on a pair of chunky heels, it completely transforms the look. The black chunky heels play off of the black mini cross-body bag to give it a dark, sexy touch for the night.

However, her accessories were my favorite. An artist, this Fashionista transformed her ex-boyfriend’s wisdom teeth into earrings. Possibly an odd memento to keep, but an awesome accessory to wear to give an outfit a quirky, unique finish.

One Simple Change: Forget the sneakers, and throw on the heels. The sneakers keep it light and fun, allowing you to run errands during the day. But with your one simple change, a good pair of heels can make this a stop and stare outfit that you can wear to any trendy restaurant, fun Meatpacking hang out or unique gallery event. Who doesn’t love such a versatile outfit? Enjoy!