WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

With the last few days of school’s out freedom coming to an end, there’s no better way to top off a great summer than a day out with friends and a night out on the town before you head back to school for a rad fall semester. Days like this are always a blast, but trying to plan out two outfits, and carry them around can be way too much of a hassle.

This Fashionista took an awesome, fun look and with just one swap of her leather jeans, blue jeans make this look a little more casual and perfect for brunch out with the girls. A patterned spaghetti strap top is bright and eye-catching, and you can easily convince yourself to stock up on a couple. They’re great for pairing with a leather jacket and jeans in the fall and are no longer simply a summer staple.

These leather-like jean pants give you the great look of leather pants with way more comfort! They’ve got a slight sheen, so accessorize accordingly. To top off this sleek look, don’t be afraid to grab another patterned item for your purse. Matching is so last summer. Contrasting colors are a great eye-catching part of these patterns, and you’ll definitely be turning heads when you walk down the street with your friends.

Topping it all off, run to your favorite buckled boots, the rustic flair adds just enough to an already rocking look, and you’re good to go for a look that will work all day long.

One Simple Change: Looking to dance the night away with some friends? Swap the pants for high-waisted shorts. They’ll give you way more mobility for a girl’s night out.