WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

From generation to generation, new styles are constantly fading and then slowing coming back as time goes on. As we see in thrift shops and in the back of our parent’s closets, we can dust off many clothes that had gone out of style, but are now back in and hip. Gaucho pants are one of these items. I remember seeing pictures of my mom in high school rocking gauchos, and while I used to cringe at these photos being embarrassed for her thinking “what the heck are you wearing?!” I now see people bringing them back in style. I don’t mean people my mom’s age either—I mean college kids just like you and me!

This Fashionista decided to match her gaucho pants with an outfit that can be perfect for either a day or night look. She paired black and white together, giving off an elegant look to her ensemble. Tucking in her shirt helps to show off her feminine figure without showing off every bump and curve. She also adds a unique feminine touch to her outfit by wearing heels and finishing it off with a long pendant necklace and a clutch. Since this outfit can be worn in both a casual setting with flats or at the bar scene with the addition of her heels and accessories, her outfit is the perfect combo for a day to night outing.

One Simple Change: Feeling like you don’t want to try out the gaucho pants look? Swap the gauchos with a black pencil skirt and you have a perfect outfit for date night.