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WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Life as an intern makes everything seem as if it’s in fast-forward. You wake up at the crack of dawn, run to work and then try to do everything you need to before going to bed to do it all over again. Sadly for Fashionistas, this leaves little to no time to be stylish ladies about town who have a cute outfit specific to each separate occasion. Rather, we usually end up putting on the first clean thing we can find at six o’clock in the morning and wear it until drinks with friends that usually last until the late hours of the night. Fortunately, I found a Fashionista who has the perfect formula for making that work.

While dressing in head to toe orange would probably not be the first choice for most busy Fashionistas, this outfit proves much more versatile than expected. Pairing a boxy tank top with a pair of matching culottes, the ensemble is polished and simple enough for a professional setting. The monochromatic orange color scheme of the look makes it pop, creating an outfit that is fun and trendy enough for any evening plans that happen to come your way. Running around all day to your many errands is too tiring for heeled feet, making sandals the perfect comfortable addition. A beautiful statement necklace is the final touch to this look, barely breaking up the monochrome while allowing her to keep other accessories to a minimum.

It’s no secret that interns lead hectic lives. Between internships, jobs, networking events and, of course, having some fun, we rarely have time to sleep. While this time crunch makes it difficult to show just how fabulous we truly are, being busy and still looking fantastic is not actually as hard as it seems. If your days as packed and you’re short on time, simply pair together a few simple pieces in one color that you love. Add some comfortable shoes and a trendy piece of jewelry, and you’ll have an outfit that is fit for any occasion the day may hold.

One Simple Change: Have a date planned for the night? Swap the sandals for some strappy heels and trade the trendy accessories for a simple necklace.