WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

The other day I came across the perfect description for the month of August: one long Sunday night. For those of us in college, we know that feeling all too well having spent many final days of summer anticipating getting back to classes. A similar feeling can be noted after a weekend that just wasn’t long enough as you sit and reflect on a Sunday night, anticipating Monday morning. Although I would like to formally issue summer a speeding ticket, it’s not permitted, so we’re forced to enjoy the last of the warm weather and dress for the occasion of course.

This Fashionista was spotted on one of those sporadically rainy Rochester days and still looked awesome. For starters she’s keeping her feet out of the puddles with super cute wedges. Not to mention, those heels made this look perfect for a quick and easy day to night transition after your morning/afternoon schedule. Summer trends are often hard to navigate but she did it well with black floral print palazzo pants and a comfy cotton V-neck. This pairing is cool enough to wear when the sun is out and dressy enough for almost all of your evening plans.

The handbag is an item I must elaborate on. Go ahead and look at how this look featured two purse styles. It’s big enough to keep what you’ll need all day; functional but still super fashion-forward. It’s a backpack for when you’re on the go in the morning and a great black evening bag for everything else. She also added some jewelry, a necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings which complemented the ensemble really nicely. The unpredictable rain was no match for her hairstyle choice either. Her perfectly loose relaxed waves were actually a lucky result of her walking to work without an umbrella. The whole look from head to toe was truly effortless yet so chic and the perfect combination for amazing summer style.

Though this look has a relaxed summer vibe it can stand up to your stacked August schedule. As you’re attending your last minute hangouts, parties/events and maybe still working, try to dress up your own printed version. You won’t regret it and will likely see how many ways these pants can be worn.

One Simple Change: The crisp fall air is not exactly what most of us are looking forward to in the next few weeks. Take your look from summer to fall—the season of layering. Adding things such as a scarf or blazer and changing your shoes to a closed toe heel will be perfect in the upcoming weeks of the semester!