WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

The official season of summer has just begun, which means busy calendars filled with lots of places to be and people to see. With plenty summer adventures filling up your schedules, it can be a struggle at times to pause your day and reevaluate your outfit for the next outing later in the evening. Taking the time to plan an amazing outfit for multiple events in one day can become stressful; that’s why a day to night look is one of my favorite go-to tricks during the summer time.

For a person on the go, having an outfit that can be used for many different occasions is a lifesaver, which is why as I passed this Fashionista, I could not help but notice the versatility in her outfit. While still mid-day, her outfit was great for lunch outings or shopping for the latest trends with friends but once the sun went down could be worn for a fun night out or a date night. She paired her Forever 21 bodycon dress with a pair of black ankle booties and accessorized with her leather handbag and printed sunglasses. My favorite part of her ensemble were the lace cutouts featured in her dress.

One Simple Change: To transform this outfit into a girl’s night out look, add a leather jacket and switch out the ankle booties for a pair of black ankle strap heels. If you’re feeling extra girly that night, add a statement necklace to the mix to truly bring the outfit to a complete finish! Follow these steps, and you’re set for a RAD night!