WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

There is no denying that life as a college student is busy. It seems that the older you become, the less time you have on your hands. For most Fashionista’s, an average day likely consists of a variety of activities and a schedule that has you on campus, going to work, running errands and then hanging out with friends downtown in the evening. All of this may have you in a conundrum over what to wear and thus, it is crucial to have a look that is versatile.

A patterned blouse is the perfect transitional piece to take an outfit from day to night. Both casual and dressy, this Fashionista’s long-sleeved blouse can be worn in a wide range of settings. The modern graphic pattern of her top is trendy enough for a party, yet modest enough to wear inside an administrative office. She then completed her look with high-waisted denim shorts and black leather sandals, which added a necessary edginess that kept her outfit from looking too uptight. Also, not only is the leather tote bag she has slung over her shoulder stylish, it is also spacious enough to carry everything from notebooks to an extra sweater. This look is ideal for days where you simply do not have time to go home and change your clothes.

One Simple Change: Does your internship call you in to work extra hours? Swap out the denim shorts for a pair of high-waisted pants to instantly take your look from casual to professional.