WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Here in the Midwest the weather has been acting up! In just a week, the temperature has fluctuated between the fifties and eighties while rain and thunderstorms have been forcing people to hide under umbrellas. Just because the weather still hasn’t made up its mind doesn’t mean you can’t make up your mind about a perfect outfit to wear for the entire day.

I met this Fashionista in the morning downtown Iowa City getting coffee before heading to work. Her plans after work included catching some drinks and watching the game at the bars—but she didn’t want to go home after a long day at work to pick out another outfit. Thus, this amazing mix of work-style and nighttime-style was created!

Harem pants are the perfect garment to wear when you’ll be out and about all day. The pants are generally made from cotton, which is a breathable fabric for humid days before the rain hits. Harem pants are wider in the legs and are fitted to the waist and ankles. This Fashionista’s red-orange pants are great for the summer as well as work and nighttime.

The black crop top was perfectly suitable for this Fashionista’s workplace, as it created a professional and complete ensemble. The best part about the combination of the pants and black crop top is that it is delightfully simple! Dress it down during the day and then pick your favorite gold jewelry for the night.

One Simple Change: Another way to easily transform this outfit is to switch out the harem pants for a maxi skirt for a girl’s night out! Being out with your girl crew is the perfect time to wear a more feminine piece with a crop top and coordinating sandals.