WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

We all know those days where you go out for the afternoon and end up out for the evening, unprepared for the events to come and stuck in your daytime attire. From experience, I can say preparation is key when it comes to being a girl. You would be surprised to learn how easily an outfit can turn from day to night. Bringing along a change of shoes or an extra jacket will help any Fashionista prepare for the day to night transition that you would normally be unprepared for.

This Fashionista shows how the dress she wore to a friend’s day party can turn into an outfit that she feels comfortable and stylish wearing out to the bars with her friends. This ensemble appears to be a two-piece with a crop top and a high-waisted skirt; however, it is actually a dress that she found in the shops of downtown Milwaukee. The unique design and pattern makes this Fashionista stick out when it comes to style. The gold cross-body bag and the simple eff.Y.bee bliss bracelet help accessorize the outfit and make it night-ready. With the wine colored wedges and the touch of peach lipstick, this Fashionista would be prepared to go out for the night.

One Simple Change: Feel a little breeze coming in from the lake? Grab your black leather jacket and throw it on. The touch of leather makes the outfit even more appropriate for the bars. You could even throw on a few more accessories like statement necklace and another bliss bracelet or two to dress it up.