WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Being a student is hard enough, but actually being able to be a fashionable one is even harder. Getting out of bed and facing the bitter winter can be a lot more enjoyable if you have a chic outfit to show off in class underneath that large puffy coat.

As college students, we are extremely busy. We don’t have time to eat lunch, let alone go home and change our outfit for a night out. Even if we don’t like to admit it, us Fashionistas are always planning ahead to what outfit we are going to wear next; therefore, simple changes for your night out can be easy with only a few switches.

As any Fashionista can attest, wearing a T-shirt and jeans is always a go-to look. It is simple and classic. I found this fashion-forward female on her way to class. What I first noticed is the wash of her jeans. I love acid-wash jeans because they give a bit of edge to the look. They can be hard to pair a top with, but she did it perfectly with a mustard color tunic. She finished off the look with a warm black knit scarf and studded combat boots.

With your night out in just a few minutes, swap out the combat boots with a pair of pumps, the scarf for a statement necklace and throw on some lipstick and you’re on your way out for the night.

One Simple Change: Even though I obsess over mustard colored anything, I would love to see this look with a royal blue tunic as well. Switching out the tunic color and swapping the jeans for leggings would make this outfit comfy for the library in no time.