WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

At the University of Houston, you can’t go anywhere without hearing someone complaining about their commute. Only about 25 percent of students live on campus, and unlike college towns like Waco and College Station, students at UH can live and commute from up to 40 miles away from campus every day. For most of us, pajamas to class aren’t an option. I mean, what feels more ridiculous than sitting on the interstate in a fluffy robe? Additionally, no one’s about to drive all the way home just to get dressed up for a night out ten minutes away from campus. Those day to night clothing options that we found unnecessary in high school have become our life now.

Keeping it simple like this Fashionisto makes it easier to transition from classes and club meetings to chilling in the city at night. You can never go wrong with black, but mixing it up with navy, like he did, or even dark green keeps your outfit versatile while adding subtle hints of color. This cardigan keeps the look soft but can be traded out for a blazer or suit jacket later to sharpen it up. Girls can try the same trick by either switching out the cardigan later or just leaving their shoulders bare. Instead of your go-to jeans, follow this Fashionisto’s lead and try chinos or as similar style of trousers. He uses slightly dressier leather shoes to pull the outfit together. Even though this Fashionisto sticks with neutral suede, you can try adding texture to your own outfit with dark crocodile or bulkier boots.

One Simple Change: Switching out the V-neck for a dress shirt and substituting the cardigan with a sleek blazer will take this Fashionisto’s sophisticated wardrobe up a notch for a perfect interview look.