WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

By the time Friday rolls around, everyone is excited for the night to come so we can have some fun with our friends after a long week. If you’re like me, you’re the one who picks out your outfit for Friday on Thursday. When I’m picking out my outfit for Friday I try to incorporate elements of it that I can also wear to class so I don’t have to change much of it later that night.

This Fashionisto has the same day to night transition idea. If you have a super busy Friday and don’t have time to change before going out with your friends later, this outfit is great because it can work for both day and night. Sticking with colors that are on the darker side helps the outfit look appropriate for nighttime, but the brighter colored plaid shirt underneath the leather jacket keeps the ensemble relaxed enough for class. The shoes are my favorite part of this Fashionisto’s outfit. I’ve been loving all the guys’ boots that I’ve been seeing lately. They can be paired with so many different types of looks and they always make an outfit look more stylish and well thought out.

This outfit just screams classic! Many of these pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. From the plaid shirt to the leather jacket to the black jeans, these things are staples that many fashion lovers have owned for years. All of the pieces are so versatile by themselves but when you pair them together they make excellent pairings.

One Simple Change: This outfit could also be perfect for a concert! Change out the plaid shirt for a plain black V-neck T-shirt to edge up the look a little. By adding the black T-shirt you’ll also be staying on-trend by wearing a monochromatic outfit that’s not boring since the leather jacket adds a different texture.