WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Your alarm rings and as you press the snooze button on another day of school, you realize that today shouldn’t be so bad, because you’re hitting the town tonight with some friends! As the good thoughts rush into your mind you jolt up from your post-alarm nap and realize that while you can’t wait for tonight, you’re not going to be home throughout the day. You shrug your shoulders up and down knowing that it is plausible for you wear an outfit that transitions from day to night—no biggie.

This Fashionista is rocking the perfect day to night look as she is dressed head to toe in layers. I have noticed that when it is cold outside, many people huddle in their jackets, but this Fashionista alluded to me that it’s possible to dress cute even when you’re bundled up. Instead of opting for a large puffer coat, this Fashionista is in three layers on top. The green jacket is a classic and has remained a staple piece throughout the seasons. The white fringe vest is girly and it makes the other black parts of her outfit pop. Additionally, the maroon infinity scarf keeps her warm and it is a perfect pop of warm color for the cold season. The best part of all of these pieces is their individuality and versatility. They work well paired together but also can be worn alone in a variety of outfits.

Her black circle mini skirt is the ideal bottom for a day to night outfit change. For the day hours, she layers the skirt over a pair of black leggings tucked into black Dr. Martens lace-up boots. When the sun sets, a pair of sheer black or patterned tights can be swapped in for the leggings. By opting for a simple outfit, this Fashionista has the ability to stay comfortable during the day and let loose at night.

One Simple Change: You had such a great night on the town that you’re already planning your next adventure. This time though, it’s to see your favorite band perform live! Toss the green jacket aside and go all out in a leather jacket for a rocker-chic look.