WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

After a long week of class and studying, the day finally arrives where you have the whole day to do what you please. Unfortunately, the struggle of finding something that is practical for both day and night can be strenuous enough. You don’t want to look too dressed up during the day when everyone else is in their yoga pants and frat tanks. On the other hand, you don’t want to be unprepared if your friends suddenly decide to do something fun once the sun goes down. So what can you wear for an easy transition from sun up to sun down?

This Fashionisto sports a look that could work for any activity from day and night. Whether meeting friends for lunch downtown or hitting up the clubs at midtown, his outfit shows that he’s dressed for whatever is thrown his way. While keeping things monochromatic and simple, the polka dot polo adds some funk. Varsity jackets aren’t just meant for athletes; this Fashionisto uses his blue and white hooded jacket to keep him warm and protected from the winter chill. Gray Air Max sneakers finish off his look and include an extra bit of sportiness.

Joggers appear to be all the rage this season. Any Fashionisto would vouch for their comfortable and durable nature, and this Fashionisto proves that they can also spice up any kind of outfit; his joggers help maintain a comfortable vibe while adding an urban touch with their light acid wash color. By choosing to wear these loose fitting bottoms, he is ready for a day of plans but prepared for a night out on the town.

When dealing with an eventful day, make sure your outfit is flexible for all hours. This keeps you from going back home to change outfits mid-day to appear appropriate for a new occasion- and keeps the laundry load smaller. Search for flexibility in potential outfits and take notes from this Fashionisto and you’re sure to be ready for a full day ahead of you.

One Simple Change: Meet a nice girl and plan a date to try the new restaurant downtown? Opt for a bright button up or graphic tee for an equally trendy but more daring look that will surely keep her eyes on you the whole night.