WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

We are about halfway through the school year, if not pass the halfway mark. Now may be the time when you really want to just slip on the most comfy sweats in your closet or the cleanest pair of basketball shorts, but now is when you should really try to experiment and branch out of your comfort zone a bit. Try something that can perhaps take you from your anatomy lecture to dinner with your friends at that one really good burger place.

The Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for transitioning from the classroom to a night out with friends. Her overall look consists of basic elements with a very geometric piece. She wears a black tank top and a pair of black distressed jeans with a pair of suede flats, which are also black. However, the main statement piece in this look is the cardigan, which is almost as heavy as a coat and has a cool black and gray geometric pattern.

This outfit is wearable to class because of its ease with the basic pieces; it also shows off a bit of style with the geometric cardigan coat that you can take off if the classroom is too hot. Then, just slip it back on when heading out at night. This is a simple outfit with a lot of impact, especially if you are tired after all your midterms.

One Simple Change: If the weather happens to be cold, switch the flats for a pair of riding boots instead.