WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for! Spring has finally arrived which means you can trade in your bulky winter jackets for lightweight spring dresses and sweaters! On this sunny, 40-degree day, this Fashionisto utilized the forecast to his advantage. Getting the opportunity to show off his favorite sweater during the day never felt so good! Showing off the flannel peeking out from underneath during the night feels even better.

This Fashionisto’s outfit interchanges from day to night seamlessly. Days of classes and work require a casual and comfortable dress suitable for any circumstance. This Fashionisto chose the warmer side today with a sweater over his already warm flannel. The blue color in the graphic on the sweater coincides with the blue check woven into the flannel. Long story short, this is a much more stylish alternative to a sweatshirt. Boys, take notes!

Instead of jeans, this Fashionisto chose cuffed khaki pants that instantly add a sophisticated edge. Not only does the tan color resemble business attire, but the cuffs contribute that relaxed feel that’s crucial for a classroom setting. The pants lay on top of brown chukka boots, once again letting all fellow students know that when class is in session he means business! Here comes my favorite part: those pizza socks are known for peeking out from under the khakis. The socks prove to the world that this Fashionisto not only works hard, but he knows how to play hard as well.

The night awaits for this Fashionisto and his pizza socks. In order to dress accordingly, he can easily slide out of his sweater and button his flannel all the way up. After losing the beanie hat, bracelet and backpack, all that is left is a pair of brown dress shoes, preferably square-toed. This Fashionisto likes to keep his pants cuffed for the night out to display his professional yet fashionable style, as he should! After all, not everybody can pull off pizza socks.

One Simple Change: Lucky you, you scored an internship for this summer at your favorite company! When the brand states that the attire is business casual you know you have this outfit perfected. Slip on a brown blazer over the flannel shirt alone, tie into your dress shoes and you’re ready to dress to impress.