WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

In today’s chaotic world, many students spend the majority of their time studying, going to class or playing sports. Looking beyond the college bubble, adults have to work, complete errands and take care of the family. Unfortunately, not everyone can have the luxury of taking a breather and going home during the day. Managing time is very difficult and because of everyone’s exhausting schedules, fashion may not be on everyone’s top priority. Whether you are a student or someone with a demanding job, one outfit can make you stay young and flawless until the night fades away.

This week’s Fashionisto creates a noteworthy ensemble and he shows how one can style an outfit without changing during the day. Aside from his colorful scarf, he keeps the tones industrial. He throws on a Banana Republic cashmere sweater and pairs it with a duffel coat by Topman. Most importantly, he specializes his look by wearing a variety of accessories. A hat, a scarf and even a necklace can make a noticeable difference. Depending on the type of accessory, it can make an outfit more presentable and formal. In his case, the Fashionisto embellishes his look by rocking a Parisian fedora, leather gloves and a striped scarf.

As the Fashionisto walks around campus, he brings an air of sophistication and confidence. He brings classic pieces together, making it appropriate for a full day of classes. In addition, his colored scarf lightens his ensemble for the daytime. On the other hand, he includes dark fabrics, which gives off a mysterious and alluring feel for a night under the stars. Most conveniently, he can just grab his keys and meet his friends for a nice dinner out in the city.

One Simple Change: Clearly this Fashionisto put a lot effort into getting ready in the morning. Even though most of us are sleepy-eyed and lazy, he saves a lot of time by caring more about his morning regimen. Since this Fashionisto created such a chic look, he can easily transform this outfit for an in-class presentation or an interview. He can simply take off his hat and gloves because in a professional setting it is always best to show your full face. Once completed, he will successfully impress his interviewer and classmates.