WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Finding an outfit that can easily transition from day to night can be a difficult task. When you are on the go like many Fashionistas some days can consist of class in the morning and going out with friends later in the night. While most “nighttime” skirts are too short for daytime activities and heels can be uncomfortable to walk across campus, an outfit appropriate for both occasions may seem impossible to find. However, this Fashionista manages to find the perfect middle ground between day and night.

Layering is a great way to be able to pull off more nighttime appropriate pieces during the day. Putting a sweater over a crop top of a more delicate top gives you both the options to cover-up during the day and expose more skin during the night. Take a hint from this Fashionista as she layers a lace crop top under her heavier winter coat. Another key element to her outfit is opaque tights. Although tights may seem like an afterthought when planning an outfit, they allow you to adjust your skirt without being conscious of the length from day to night. You can tuck your top into your skirt for presentations and attending class then readjust for parties are bare your midriff. For shoes, she keeps it simple and wears a pair of black booties and tops it all off with a statement beanie.

One Simple Change: When you aren’t going out with friends at night but instead on a date you can easily ditch the hat and coat and replace them with a sleek leather jacket and heels to impress your date with a stylish outfit.