WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

So, you just finished your last class for the day and your friends send you a message saying meet them for a girl’s night out at the restaurant. Of course you feel a little sluggish from those back to back classes you just got out of but you can’t turn your friends down. Your outfit says a lot about you as a person. You don’t want to look like you just came from classes but you also don’t want it to look like you’ve tried too hard.

This Fashionista exudes a flawless girl’s night out look that will have her looking picture-perfect for that group photo! Her all black leather outfit comes across edgy but still feminine. The loose fitting blouse keeps the outfit girly, while the black paneling going down the center of the top grabs your attention. The top may not be form fitting or show a lot of her body off but it leaves more to be desired to the eye but still screams sexy.

Her leather leggings are universal and can be used for either day or night. As many of us already know, wearing one color, especially black, can make you appear leaner and taller, just in case you were wondering what looks best when going out! She’s also sporting a pair of knee high boots which are a must for every Fashionista’s closet this winter; not only are they warm, but they are go-to shoes when you want to pull your entire outfit together. Her outfit is so intense while her makeup and small accents of jewelry are subtle and flirty.

By recreating this Fashionista’s outfit you will be ready for any occasion. Trust me, I know she looks amazing in the all black, and you may not have thought you could pull off all leather, but if you try this look you’ll be as edgy and flirty as her.

One Simple Change: Okay so in the mist of having a good time with your friends you don’t realize how cold it got outside. No worries, don’t let the cold weather get to you throw on a cute leather jacket and you’re ready to hit the town!