WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

As a sales associate at H&M, one of my jobs includes helping customers find outfits for particular events. This is actually my favorite thing to do at my job because I feel like it is something I feel very confident in. At my work, all the sales associates are assigned to focus on a certain department of the store. So since I have been in the men’s department for a little over a year now, I have learned a lot about men’s fashion and styling. Men’s fashion may not be as extensive as ladies’ fashion can be, but it is most definitely versatile. A man can so easily go from casual to sharp with just one garment change. To show you how to do so, I caught up with this Fashionisto to get the tips.

This Fashionisto rocks a chic, yet cool look for an easy transition from a day at school to a night out with friends. He wears a military green parka and carries a trendy backpack from ASOS for his day of classes. He also wears blue denim, creating a simple way to keep it casual on campus. So since he has planned to head out for the evening with friends, he pulls off one of my favorite tricks. Instead of wearing a fancy button-down and slacks, he takes it down a notch with nice blue jeans, a simple white V-neck and a quality pair of oxfords. The trick is all in the simplicity—wear a fancier pair of jeans and shoes with a basic top that you would wear any other day. You’ll be good to go!

Being a person who tends to always be on the go, this has been a handy trick for me. I have come to realize that I don’t have to dress to the nines every single time I go out with friends after a long day. Just look through your wardrobe and find the outfit that you would consider to be a perfect in-between for day and night. Keeping an easy transition saves not only your time, but the stress of changing into something else!

One Simple Change: Going out with your own friends is one thing, but going on a date is another. So create a more dapper look; grab a black blazer instead of a parka. It dresses up the outfit quite a bit, but you won’t look like you’re trying too hard.