WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

There are a bounty of ways to promote a casual outfit to an ensemble worthy of indelible nights out with friends merely by augmenting a few elements. Amidst a college student’s swamped schedule, a full blown outfit change sometimes just isn’t practical, so a few alterations are paramount in order to enhance your outfit for the evening. From adding a few accessories to subtracting an item of clothing, just a few versatile key pieces are the only prerequisites for making a seamless transition from laborious morning classes to grandiose nights with the guys. Whatever the occasion, this Fashionisto is able to take his look and transcend it effortlessly into cooler temperatures.

Although we all harbor a deep appreciation and gratitude to our winter attire for keeping us warm, bulky coats and heavy parkas can present a potential style impasse for the fellow Fashionista/o. Not only does the limited array of overcoats downturn variety and make it problematic to make a styling statement, one’s outfit may be severely compromised by the lack of silhouette and structure. For a man who’s willing to make a genuine investment, and who hankers for a substantial style statement that’ll endure the harsh evolution of fashion trends, a leather jacket is a worthwhile investment piece. Not only does it make it practical to trek about campus, this particular Fashionisto’s strategic layering doesn’t have to bargain looking fashionable for staying warm.

Layering clothes with different fabrics can lead to multidimensional outfits that are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but have the capacity to respond to temperature changes by stripping and simplifying. The success of this Fashionisto can be attributed to his ample range of different garments and textures. Impressively, he manages to combine leather, wool and cashmere into a singular getup. Beneath his sleek flight bomber leather jacket he dons a cerulean blue cashmere sweater, offering a softer contrast against the tough exterior. V-neck sweaters with higher necklines are perfect for a medium between casual and dressy, and are extremely feasible layering foundations. He is able to maintain a streamlined silhouette through his dark, muted color palette. His sumptuous plaid wool scarf boasts an oceanic multitude of blues, ranging from subdued Maya blues to royal Carolinas. Alternating darks with lights gives individualism to the garment and is able to complement the solidity of his other pieces through its enlivening pop of pattern and plush texture. His dark wash jeans cuffed at the leg further endorse the framework of the ensemble. To top off the unblemished color synchroneity, his weathered suede cat oxfords provide a refined pinch of finesse and urbanity.

For further inspiration on how to integrate idiosyncratic pops of pattern and color into an otherwise muted monochrome palette, check out Dolce&Gabbana’s fall 2015 menswear collection for styling inspiration.

One Simple Change: If you’re planning for date night or a more formal event, swap out the leather jacket for a sleek double-breasted peacoat. It bolsters the cultured sophistication component while refraining from looking too overdressed.