WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Coordinating the perfect outfit is a feat in itself. Let’s be honest here; as college students, we don’t exactly have all the time or money in the world to be changing into a million different outfits throughout the day. So when you find that perfect ensemble for running from class to class and then out with your friends wherever the evening takes you, I’d say you deserve a major pat on the back.

This Fashionisto did just that. His laid back style is ideal for sitting in class or grabbing lunch with a friend any afternoon of the week. Later on in the evening, he can rock this same trendy look on a date or just hanging out with his buddies at the local watering hole. Unbuttoning this classic plaid oxford showing a pocketed T-shirt beneath makes this a perfect relaxed day look. By simply buttoning up his top, this outfit is instantly made for any kind of nightlife you choose to indulge in. His impressive eye for fashion is exemplified in his adidas sneakers and Spy Optics shades. Of course, you can’t forget about that large faced leather Diesel watch he’s rocking. His eyes, as well as ours, are all on the accessories he carefully added to this staple outfit.

Any gentleman looking for that perfect day to night look could use some tips from this Fashionisto. From his distinctive button-down shirt to that charming watch he is dressed for practically any occasion headed his way. Having these simple pieces in your wardrobe will do any man wonders. By layering shirts and adding a pair of jeans, anyone can easily change up their day-to-day look and be ready for any night ahead of them.

One Simple Change: Have a big date tonight? Simply throw on some loafers for a more refined and classy look.