WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Anyone who has ever been to a social event past, like, seven in the evening knows that black is the color to wear at night. Formal events are riddled with black dresses of all shapes and sizes, and even casual get togethers see their fair share of black attire. It isn’t uncommon to see an all-black outfit shine in the daylight, especially in Seattle, a city of dark colors, but it does take a special talent to be able to differentiate your daytime black outfit from your nighttime black outfit. Throw in a time crunch and the feat seems almost impossible. If you’re worrying about transitioning your morning-coffee-look to your evening glass-of-wine-look, worry no more: this Fashionista is here to show you how it’s done.

So much of the day-to-night look depends upon the versatility of the outfit. No matter how glamorous your daily look is, you definitely want to switch it up if you’re going out later that night. The easiest way to do this is with statement layers. A colorful coat, like the one this Fashionista is sporting, will make your look more daytime-appropriate. All you need to do is find a coat rack at night, and you’ve made a successful transition. A simple knit scarf, regardless of the color, plays the same role.

One Simple Change: If your plans for the night are to go out with the girls, swap the shirt-skirt combo for an equally appealing black dress. You won’t be able to tell the difference during the day, but it’ll make more of an impact when the coat comes off.