WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

As the temperatures continue to drop and we only continue to add more layers, deciding what to wear becomes increasingly difficult. Especially for the overworked college student, not having an opportunity to go back and change before each event only creates a bigger problem. So, what’s a girl to do?

The answer is in the details. Keeping with the basics like I talked about in my first post is a must as long as the cold weather persists. However, basics are never an excuse to be boring. This Fashionista makes the basics unrecognizable.

Let’s start with the coat. Without the addition of fur, it is just a black wool coat. It’s nice, but simple. The fur detail takes the coat over the edge. First off, it adds warmth, which never hurts. But more importantly, it separates this Fashionista from the crowd—something practically nobody can accomplish in New York City. Walking around on winter days, your coat makes your statement. It is important to choose one that accurately represents who you are and who you want to be seen as.

The key to the rest of the day is cohesiveness. If the entire outfit makes sense, chances are the rest of your day will, too. If the pieces are all over the place, your day will be all over the place. You have to treat your outfit the same way you treat your day—with a purpose.

This Fashionista practically invented the word cohesive. Her entire outfit looks like it was picked from the same store in which she features a classic pair of Dr. Martens and a bold statement pant. With a quick glance, any onlooker has an idea of who this Fashionista is and where she wants to go. That is the goal with personal style—get to know yourself through the clothes you purchase and send that message out to the world.

One Simple Change: Try an LBD under that coat and you will have a fabulous statement outfit for a girl’s night out!