WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Spring is coming soon, and it is time to take your girlfriend out on a date and build wonderful memories. We’ve talked about what women should wear for a date night. When I usually see couples out to dinner, the girl is super dressy and the guy is super casual. I want to let the guys know how to dress well for their date night. Dress is always an important part of every occasion, as no one wants to go out on a date with a messy person.

I spotted this Fashionisto because he has the perfect outfit for a formal date night. A white shirt and a black jacket are always a good choice. I find out that the design of the black jacket is cool; the body of the jacket is leather, yet the sleeves are made of normal black fabric. It has a sharp angle for the collar that makes his whole look more sharp and chic. Instead of a black pants, he chooses navy pants to match with his brown boots. If he has a scarf the look would be perfect as a scarf is a good accessory for men. Since it’s cold now, you can give it to your girlfriend when she feels cold because it is romantic and sweet.

Guys, please dress up and don’t let your girlfriend down at your date night.

One Simple Change: Want to dress this look down for weekend wear? A sweater is always a good alternative shirt in the winter. A pair of white sneakers will make you look more sporty and complete.