WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Long school days on top of homework and work call for a little date night during the weekend. Whether it’s that cute boy you just met in health class or if you already have a boyfriend, then these nights are just a good reason to unwind and spend time with the person you like.

Now choosing a date night outfit isn’t all too hard, but it takes a little effort and some time. There are a few things to take in consideration when picking an outfit. The first thing that you should think about is the weather because in the Pacific Northwest, it definitely gets a little chilly and rainy at night. The second thing to keep in mind is where the date is taking place. If you’re just hanging out in the dorms, then you should opt for some laid back pieces, like your university’s sweatshirt. However, if this boy of yours asked you out to dinner, then wear something a bit dressier.

This Fashionista is demonstrating how to do date night perfectly. She looks feminine and girly without trying too hard. Her dress paired with tights is the perfect pair, especially when it does hit the low 30’s at night. Also, can we just take a moment to admire the color of her dress? Dusty rose is the perfect color to wear for a date because it gives off a romantic vibe and it looks great paired with neutral colors. Her cardigan looks warm enough, so she is cozy for when she is invited to take a stroll on Monroe or Campus Way. I love that she opted for her black Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties, instead of going for the traditional flats because it shows that she is not afraid to take risks.

Take a close look at her outfit, not only for inspiration on what to wear for your next date, but also as a reminder that it is always a good thing to take risks. So take out your nude pump and flirty dress, and put away your jeans and Converse.

One Simple Change: So your date just ended (on a good note), but you still want to hang out with your friends for a little girl’s night out? Just switch out the cardigan for a leather jacket.