WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

With countless snow days, Boston students have found themselves hiding at home instead of enjoying the college life. Now that the madness of Boston snowstorms is over (at least for now) it’s time to go back to a routine of parties, dates, lunch, dinner and obviously school.

While trying to go back to my own routine, I spotted this Fashionisto. His amazing sense of style and his outfit immediately caught my attention. I have to admit that when it comes to street style, boys are completely rocking it (girls, we have to step up our game!). One of the reasons I was really caught up on his outfit was because it’s a super eclectic choice and can work well in many situations, such as a job interview, dinner, lunch with friends or most importantly, for a date.

Usually when I see couples around the city, I always see the girl super dressed up and the guy super casual. I love it when boys also put an effort into their looks; it makes them so much more attractive. The key to this Fashionisto’s look is that he used very classic pieces that most boys probably have in their closet. Plus, he took advantage of the weather and invested in a blazer that also added a different touch to the overall outfit. To start his outfit, he picked khaki pants which is a piece that never goes out of fashion. For the top part, he decided to play with different tones of blue with a light blue button-up and a textured navy blazer. To continue the tone over tone trend, he put on a dark beige scarf. This mix and match created an elegant outfit without having to going all out!

One Simple Change: Going somewhere that has colder weather? Drop the blazer and put on a peacoat, keeping it cute and classy.