WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

As winter wears us down with dreary, cold nights, it can be hard to rally the energy to go out. Every afternoon, the sun seems to set obscenely early and people flee to the safety of their homes. Yet, shouldn’t we be out having fun even if the weather is subpar? A great solution for the wintertime blues may be an impromptu date night out. It may be hard to dress flirty when the weather is beyond freezing, but it also feels amazing when you nail the right look. Whether it’s the first or fiftieth date, the excitement of dressing up for an occasion is an easy way to beat a lackluster week (or season).

This Fashionista put together the perfect date night look for winter. The monochromatic, cool tones of the entire ensemble make her look edgy and darkly romantic. For her top, she layers a deep blue knit sweater over a black tank top. She then matches a basic black mini skirt with some sheer tights and over the knee black socks. Her shoes are navy Dr. Martens boots. She paired this effortlessly flirty ensemble with a fur hooded, blue wool coat to make this look weather appropriate.

I love the different textures within this look that are accentuated by the monochromatic palette of the outfit. Her fuzzy wool coat contrasts the knit sweater, which is also very distinct from the sleek black mini skirt. The fur hood is ginormous and striking—the perfect accessory for a winter date night out.

One Simple Change: If the snow and ice have finally left for the winter, try some more adventurous footwear. A pair of tall high heeled boots may be the perfect new update to make this look even more swoon worthy.