WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Roses, chocolate and stuffed animals are overflowing on top of all of the counters in every store. Couples are already thinking of ways to surprise their significant others, and singles are ready to dress up for a nice girl’s or guy’s night out. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is always a great time to dress up and have a nice time with the people you love. For those of you who are having trouble thinking of the perfect date night outfit, take inspiration from this spiffy Fashionisto here.

For a date night, most people like to wear semi-formal outfits. This Fashionisto tucks in his blue and white striped collared shirt into his dark gray denim jeans for a relaxed look. He throws on a navy blue cardigan to dress down his formal collared shirt. As for his accessories, he keeps them minimal with a simple gold watch and a dark brown leather belt. Last but not least, he wears a pair of comfortable taupe desert boots to add some edge to the outfit.

His overall outfit is simple but to the point. This Fashionisto shows that even the smallest accessories can make a huge difference on an outfit. His gold watch gives a nice touch of color to his navy blue ensemble. Additionally, his jeans and desert boots give his look a more effortless and casual vibe.

If you are planning on asking that one guy or girl out on a date, try out something like this Fashionisto created. Even if you are just chilling with your friends, a nice outfit can make your evening all the more enjoyable and pleasant.

One Simple Change: This outfit can also be the perfect interview outfit. If you switch the jeans for a pair of dress pants, it can make the outfit much more formal and work-like. You can also wear a tie over your collared shirt for a more professional look.