WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Whether it’s your high school sweetheart or some random Tinder date, when you go out with your “bae,” you’ll want to be looking your absolute best. I always make sure to ask my date what the dress code for the evening entails, but some nights are just destined for the unexpected. There is a fine line between too casual and too overdressed, so when a romantic dinner takes a turn for the spontaneous, you want to have all of your bases covered. This Fashionista did just that.

Her impeccable eye for style is apparent in each piece of her ensemble. Not only will her date’s eyes be glued to her as she walks in the door, but the rest of the room will be in awe as well. Keeping it fun and flirty with her red dress, complete with a geometric pattern and a silky texture, she makes a perfect choice for a romantic date night. She paired the dress with classy black heels that are to die for, and are comfortable enough for not only dinner but also wherever the night may take her after the fact. Her gold sequined cross-body bag could keep me distracted for hours. It’s the ideal statement bag to gussy up this already sophisticated look and add an ounce of funk while being able to hold all of date night needs (your favorite lipstick, a pack or two of gum and your phone to snap a few couples’ selfies). While her patterned outfit and sequined bag scream fun and excitement, her delicate gold necklace brings it all home.

Now, if your quiet dinner and a movie turn into an impromptu concert or night of salsa dancing, keeping a classic denim jacket on hand like this Fashionista did, is the key to solving any dress code concern. What I truly love about this Fashionista’s date night look is that she has all scenarios covered. From her elegant heels to her casual denim jacket and fabulous silk, patterned dress, she’s ready for a lovey-dovey dinner with the beau or improvised night on the town.

One Simple Change: Getting ready for a girl’s night out? Swap the strappy heels for a pair of booties with this look to make it fun and casual.