WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

So it’s your first date. You have the butterflies, you’re nervous as ever and the cold sweats start to break out. You open your closet and the panic sinks in: what are you going to wear? Are you going to go for the sexy look? Sporty look? Which look says, “I’m fun, but not too much fun?” Well have no fear, date night is here so give a little cheer! Sorry that was corny, but needless to say you will have all the necessities to look amazing and confident on any date.

This Fashionisto is sporting a fabulous Burberry blazer that is perfect because it is a small piece that can be added to any day look to give you the nighttime date appearance. The blazer is masculine yet catches the eye. The contrast between the pants and the shirt gives the look simplicity but yet one that is filled with sophistication.

The black shoes are perfectly in sync with the outfit because there are hints of black seen throughout. The black belt makes the look cohesive and unassuming and the Hermès bracelet gives the look the perfect edge for a date. It says “I’m sophisticated but not over the top.”

When asking the Fashionisto about his look he stated, “My favorite part of the look is the sport jacket because you can really wear it with a lot of things. Since it’s dark navy you can match it with black, brown, white or really anything. You really have the whole world to play with. I would wear this look for date night because it looks sophisticated, but still hip. It can work for going from dinner to a club or simply just having a candlelit dinner and a movie. It’s a very versatile look.”

One Simple Change: Want to make this look a little less formal for your next date? Take off the sport coat and leave on the button-down. This will help make this a versatile outfit for almost any occasion.