WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Dates in a college town like Columbia, Missouri pose the important question of “what am I going to wear?” Most would say that it depends on where you’re going: Shakespeare’s or Cece’s? Buffalo Wild Wings or Addison’s? Most of the time, they would be right, but when you’re not sure where you’re going, the universally safe, appropriate and cute outfit for a date in college would be one just like this.

This Mizzou Fashionista put together the perfect, versatile date outfit by pairing a white sweater with a skirt and leather boots. She then accessorized to add some detail to the outfit. Everything about this look can be dressed up or down but is a happy medium between the two. You could show up to any restaurant, such as Andy’s, Lazer Lanes, Hollywood Theaters or anywhere else your man wants to take you. You’ll be looking stylish, attractive and put together.

The best part of this outfit is that you can wear it so many different ways with so many different pieces. Any type of sweater and skirt combo could work, as well as long sleeve shirts. Maybe even try a tank top with a jean jacket! Play around with it, and see what works for you. This is a flexible and easy outfit.

Want to copy the look? Try this sweater, paired with a skirt like this. Just add some boots and fun jewelry, and you’re good to go!

One Simple Change: For warmer weather, try tucking a loose T-shirt into the same type of skirt. By adding similar jewelry and accessories, you will maintain your casual yet cute date look. The boots will also help with that! Anywhere you go, you’ll be ready and looking fabulous.