WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It is the beginning of a new semester and a new year, which means a fresh start. For some, the new semester brings ambitious study goals and for others, branching out and meeting new people. Whether you’re going out with someone new or an old fling, the perfect date night outfit is a must.

So what is the “perfect” date night look? For me, it is an outfit that looks chic yet effortless. Unfortunately, this is often hard to achieve, especially when you, like the other person, and may be feeling nervous. However, the most important thing to remember when dressing for a date is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Comfort equals confidence!

When I spotted this Fashionista, I knew that she had perfected date night outfit. Her classic jeans and white T-shirt combo is easily updated with a trendy leather jacket and booties. This look is effortless and so easy to recreate. Starting with simple staples like jeans and a T-shirt, one can add pieces that make the outfit eye-catching. For this Fashionista, her love of a great leather jacket adds interest and personality to her look. What I love about her outfit is that she could go anywhere and look appropriate. Often for a date, it is hard to know whether or not to be dressier or more casual. With this look, she will look great for whatever her date has in store!

One Simple Change: Do you need to run to the library later to meet with a study group?Throw a pair of flats into your purse so you can be stylish and comfortable.