WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Whether it’s going out for dinner and a movie when it’s snowy out or a stroll in the park with a picnic when that nice spring weather rolls around, this outfit is perfect for a cute but casual date night.

The layers in this outfit are perfect for cooler weather to be able to take the vest off or keep it on if needed. My favorite part of this outfit was the patterned skirt from Francesca’s boutique. This Fashionista did a great job in pairing this light pink sweater to pull out the light pink patterns in the skirt. Just like the skirt, the sweater is also from Francesca’s boutique. To help cover up chilly legs on a cold winter day, tights are the perfect addition to this outfit. Another great addition to this outfit is this black button-down vest from Marshalls. Layering pieces is a good way to bring a little more to any outfit, it gives the eyes just one more thing to look at in any outfit. And let’s be honest, this outfit definitely deserves a double take. This Fashionista also did a great job adding in some brown details into this dominantly black outfit. Sometimes putting black and brown together can be a bit tricky but she figured it out. The Ralph Lauren booties keep her cool but comfortable. With these brown booties it makes the brown choker she chose pop a little bit more. She is right on trend with her choker, they are very in right now. You can find them almost anywhere. One last, smaller detail to this date night outfit is the brown and maroon bracelets. The maroon goes great with the light pink sweater and the brown is another add-on from those booties and choker.

Overall this Fashionista has got it going on with her patterned skirt and cozy looking sweater. She is ready for any date night activity and she is she ready to wow her date with this outfit and her looks. She is ready to take on a days and nights worth of activities with this effortless outfit.