WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

The first date is the most important from all other dates. We always want to make the best impression as possible. After spending a few hours of fitting almost every single combination of available outfits from our wardrobe, we finally choose the right one. Instead of relaxation, our train of thought takes us far beyond the date… However, we come back to the reality because it is time to dress.

This New York City Fashionista combines a lovely maxi dress with a black leather high-heeled platform and a cross-body bag with matching accessories to complete the look. The dress is lightweight, wearable and very summery. This cute bow at the back gives a charming look to the whole outfit. This Fashionista looks happy and beautiful. Of course, she is happy because date night does not happen every day. It is always a unique occasion with a ton of excitement.

Though she is a tall girl, even she cannot resist high-heeled shoes, which inspires confidence and complements lines of her figure. Jewelry is never too much, especially in the summer time. They highlight a tan skin and attract the opposite sex as well. The white watch couples with the maxi dress and other black accessories entirely.  And, finally, these charming black sunglasses are a great addition to any outfit!

One Simple Change: After a nice lunch date, time to socialize. Take off high heels and put on flip flops and Fashionista is ready for tailgating in the parking lot and a rock concert afterward.