WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

July 27th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Date night, from a girl’s point of view, can be just about as stressful as a job interview. Looking the best to impress can be quite the task when you have to find a great outfit.

But what about the boys, whose date night dress stressors so often get overlooked? Let’s hear it for the boys who worry just as much as the girls about what to wear, trying to leave the best impression on that first night out.

The most difficult part about date night is dressing to impresstrying to look your best without making it seem like you spent all day preparing (even if you did). For the boys, who are used to throwing on a t-shirt and walking out of the house, date night calls for a little extra TLC. A comb through the hair and a nice polo shirt can go a long way, boys.

This Fashionisto constructed the perfect date night outfit: Any guy looking for advice on a how-to for dress to impress tactics should follow the lead of this handsome coed, who worked it (and well!) with his his favorite pair of khakis, a plaid-accented collared shirt and brown leather belt. Cuffing the pant legs shows off his nicest white pair of trendy New Balance sneakers and the neutral gray sock on his ankles. He finished off the look with an eye-catching watch and his go-to summer sunglasses.

With this easy-going look, this Fashionisto was ready to take on date night and leave a lasting impression on his admirer.

One Simple Change: Transform the perfect date night attire into a simple summertime outfit by pairing the polo top with shorts rather than pants. That way, you are sure to stay trendy and beat the heat!