WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Date nights can be hectic and nerve-racking with a new relationship, and sometimes even an old one. Picking out the perfect outfit is on the top of the urgency list for any Fashionista. Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration in this perfect day-to-day outfit to get any anxiety about an outfit obliterated.

This is an adorable simple style to wear in the coming heat of July weather. It is cute but not too heavy and it allows you to enjoy a night out with your significant other. Not only does the flower detail on the open-back help with cooling off and staying fresh, it also shows off any cute bra or bralette. This style is superbly cute and reliable, plus, any Fashionista can project their own style with this simple outfit.

To get this look it takes a simple cute bralette underneath an open-back tank top. The tank top can be as casual or dressy, whatever the Fashionista is in the mood for. After that it is the shorts, which are a simple design. As you can tell, this Fashionista decided against high waisted shorts. For the shoes, any fresh, white sneaker will do. Finally the accessories top it off, the scrunchy, rope bracelet and sunglasses add to the casual cute look and really make it an individual and unique style.

One Simple Change: A Fashionista can sport this look to brunch with a quick and simple change the next morning by adding a cute floral midi skirt and pair of sandals. This will quickly change the look from casual to formal.