WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Summer is the time of adventure and romance, which come with dates and the infamous panic on what to wear. College students already have enough to deal with, so dates can be an added stress. This is why floral dresses are this Fashionista’s go-to look for date night.

It is important for your outfit to be simple, yet stylish. Dresses give off the perfect feminine vibe without looking like you’re trying too hard. The night should be focused on building a relationship, not worrying about what you are going to wear.

A dark maroon wrap dress complements any skin tone, and the soft floral print with a side tie gives it a romantic feel. Pairing this printed floral dress with a simple sterling silver initial bracelet is this Fashionista’s stamp on the outfit. Plus, the initials on the bracelet can even spark a conversation to get past the awkward, nervous stage. The leaf necklace provides the perfect balance with the florals on the dress, as well as, laying high on the neckline, the necklace pulls attention away from the dress to the face.

This Fashionista took the look a step further by wearing simple black wedges to elongate her legs. Altogether, a dark floral dress with simple wedges and jewelry is this Fashionista’s signature look for date night and always gets her the second date.

One Simple Change: Want to dress this down for brunch with your girls? Switch to a pair of comfortable flats and put on a simpler necklace to dress down the outfit while still looking effortlessly chic.