WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

March 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

It is Friday night, and it’s time for your weekly date with your beau. Figuring out what to wear is a hassle for you but also for him. The amount of choices they have is dependent on where you are going, but this Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for a nice night out. I am big on the boat shoe trend going around right now, and it fits perfectly into this outfit.

The two types of blue incorporated in this shirt work very nicely. It is very easy to have two colors together that are just too hard to pair with anything. The full button up makes this look more put together and can be worn with the khakis as seen here for a more casual look with jeans. The light color of the khakis works much better than a darker pair, especially with the dark shirt and shoes. Going out to dinner on a Friday night, this would work perfectly for any restaurant and for any man. The shoes as I mentioned above are my favorite part of this outfit. Boat shoes are a pair of shoes that came into popularity pretty recently. They are a multi-functional shoe that can be used on any occasion, even if it does not involve boating.

One Simple Change: After your date night, you might have to meet her parents and all you would have to do is add a nice quarter zip sweater over the button up to spice it up. This addition will show a more serious side to this outfit over the casualness of a not tucked in button-up.