WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is finally in the air over here in Kennesaw, Georgia. Goodbye cold, gloomy days and hello warm, sunny days! It’s nice that we can all finally walk outside without a jacket as we trudge to our classes. As the day was winding down, the air did get a tad brisk hence the pretty rad jacket on our Fashionisto.

Now onto our featured Fashionisto—yay, another guy! This Fashionisto was on his way to a movie night date with his girlfriend and what a perfect shirt for movies! This shirt has to be one of the coolest shirts I have seen in a while—being a big Star Wars fan, I was a little breathless, to be honest. He said that it is also one of his favorites and I’m definitely going to invest in a shirt like that.

The trend of tan jeans for guys has been a positive trend with the ability to be dressed down and up for any occasion. The wash allows for the vibrant shirt to stand out even more and also the fit of the jeans is flattering for his body. Converse are always the move for any hipster outfit and a flat brim hat can make it a little less hipster. I am elated that jackets no longer look like you’re wearing a jumbo marshmellow and now are stylish and flattering. This Fashionisto’s jacket is simple and stylish as well as versitile for they varying weather we get here in Georgia. This jacket is not that easy to find but worry not sylish people, I found this cool one at Zumiez—you’re all welcome. I love that graphic T-shirts let the individual’s personality show—when done in good taste, they can be fun and conversation starters.

In all, our Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for a movie date; the shirt is fun and relevant and comfortable where he won’t feel like he’s all stuffed up. Along with the Deadpool lanyard, I think our Fashionisto is ready to watch some movies.

One Simple-ChangeFor going to meet the parents, change out the T-shirt for a clean button-down shirt and cleaner, newer sneakers. And maybe ditch the hat.