WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

You finally scored a date with the guy in your class. However, first dates are always the scariest. You want to coordinate the perfect outfit that can impress, yet not overwhelm your date. You then spend hours turning your whole closet upside down trying to find the perfect outfit. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from previous experiences is that instead of going for a flashy look, sometimes going for a simple feminine outfit is the way to go.

When I saw this Fashionista with her boyfriend on campus, I knew I had to capture her look. This Fashionista decided to go with the classic little black dress that has cute scallop detailing. Since she wore a fit and flare dress, it accentuates her slim waist which makes this outift be more on the feminine side. Although this dress is very simple and lacks color, this Fashionista decided to add color with the help of her shoes and sunglasses.

By wearing the tribal espadrilles, her outfit becomes casual and appropriate for any type of setting. Since her shoes have a unique feature of a halter elastic, it will provide her with comfort when walking during her date. Since it is still sunny in Boston, she decided to complete her outfit with her lavender sunglasses. Her sunglasses seamlessly match her feminine look because of its thick, cat-eye acetate frames and the soft gold double nose bridge. Lastly, her scalloped iPhone 6 wristlet perfectly matches her dress, while making her life easier with her on-the-go essentials.

Since the weather is starting to get chilly in the East Coast, be sure to wear all your favorite dresses to your dates before it gets too cold!

One Simple Change: If throughout the date the weather starts to get cold, make sure to bring along a nice coat or blazer to keep you warm!