WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Getting ready for a date is never easy. Not only is it an anxiety-inducing process in general, but even the little things like how to do your hair, wear your makeup and especially what clothes to wear, seem to matter so much more than usual. For most of us, this anxiety about what to wear leads to a cluttered mind and a messy room, as “that chair” that everyone has in their room now contains a pile of reject outfits more than four feet tall. But getting ready for a date should not be like this. This week’s Fashionista shows how keeping your outfit as simple as possible can help you look good and feel good without having to stress out.

This Fashionista’s romper is not only the focal point of her outfit, but also the piece that proves that simplicity is still stylish. As a fan of the summertime, this Fashionista is not ready to give up on her summer style, mixing her summer pieces, such as the romper, with fall pieces like her jean jacket. These two pieces together work perfectly for a date night, with the chic romper balancing out the more casual jean jacket.

From personal experience, shoes are sometimes the hardest part of an outfit to decide on. Depending on the type of shoe, an outfit’s vibe can completely change from casual to fancy and vice versa. This Fashionista put her date night outfit together by finding a happy medium between casual and fancy, and this shows in her choice of footwear. Her platform sandals are a more casual and comfortable alternative to a pair of wedges or heels, but don’t make her outfit less date-night appropriate.

By keeping your outfit simple with a romper, jacket and statement shoes, your date night outfit will definitely boost your style and your confidence.

One Simple Change: Heading out to a concert this weekend? Swap out the platform sandals for a comfy pair of sneakers and you will be ready to rock out.