WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

The first date is always a stressful time when deciding on the outfit. Do these heels go with this blouse? What about these jeans with this top? Picking the perfect outfit will help to relieve some of the nerves as well so you are not thinking about your outfit all night! Feeling more at ease on the first date can help you get to know them a bit more as well, don’t you think?

The first thing that brought this Fashionista to my attention was the print of her top! We all know my love for the print, especially stripes, as it is a staple in my style. I was simply living for the boldness of the striped body and camouflage sleeves on her top! The blue color and patterns paired absolutely beautifully to create a statement. Her black jeans calmed down the lower part of her outfit so that the patterns would not be too much. It mesmerized me at how detailed an outfit could look, yet still be so simple to put together. This look is definitely date night material. Such an outfit can grab your date’s attention and remind them that you could still look fierce without even trying!

The nude flats added more color to her outfit while still leaving the bold on top. It also added a nice element in helping to tone down the top part of her outfit without taking anything away from the bold aspect. The flats still gave a bright pop that was added to give a strong accent to help finish the outfit as well. Her choice of the classic red lip aided even more in grabbing my attention. The classics never go out of style.

One Simple Change: To turn this outfit into a brunch outfit with the family, simply add a pair of nude heels with the red lip to keep it classic yet bold.