WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

We’ve all been there. Pacing around your room amongst what looks like the aftermath of a tornado. There are clothes strewed throughout the room and the pile on your floor continues to grow as you discard rejects. Dressing for a date night can be stressful. You want to look just right but picking the winning outfit can be such a headache. My tip is to go simple.

This Fashionista got the memo. She chose a sleek, black jumpsuit as her statement piece. While trendy, the piece is sneakily simple. The top/bottom combination means that it is one less piece of clothing she has to search out of her wardrobe before the date. She went simple and elegant with her accessories as well. Her taupe droplet earrings stand out against her blonde ringlets and don’t take away from the centerpiece of the look. On her wrists, she wore two gold bangles. Once again, the choice is clean and complements the other accessories. This Fashionista wore a pair of tan booties on her feet. The pair discreetly gave her a little lift. Over her shoulder, she wore a tan leather bag with gold trimming. The medium sized bag is the perfect size for a date night. I really liked that all of her accessories were of the same color group and played to her hair color. The contrast between the black and the tan made her jumper pop.

One Simple Change: This look can also work in the day should you have to go to class before your date! Swap out the droplet earrings for a pair of dainty studs and twist your hair up into a bouncy ponytail.