WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

We’ve all been there—the first date is a major make or break moment. Not only is it crucial to pick the right location and make sure the conversation is flowing, but it is just as vital to put together the perfect look. This is your first impression and ultimately says a lot about who you are. It’s safe to say that we all, at one time or another, have ripped our closets apart trying on every possible garment we own, looking for the perfect fit. The possibilities for the first date can be endless. So, what to wear?

This Fashionista happened to be headed to a date when she was spotted, and inspiration can definitely be drawn from her look. She showcases the perfect balance between formal and casual. Her flowing top with a delicate cutout detail, paired with these nude strappy stilettos, add the perfect touch of elegance and class. They give off the impression of “dressing up” for the date. Throwing in a shredded pair of black denim balances the look with a touch of casual edge.

This look works seamlessly for a first date because it offers both formal and casual touches. Most first encounters leave some gray area, not knowing for sure what to expect from the date or how the other will be dressed. Integrating a dressy and edgy element in to your look offers a security blanket to the uncertainty of the first date.

First dates are extremely unpredictable, which can cause plenty of anxiety. Taking after this Fashionista, you can rock a balanced and put together look. Feeling well dressed can definitely ease the stress of these unknowing occasions.

One Simple Change: Maybe this isn’t the first date for you, but instead you are meeting the parents for the first time. Simply swap out the shredded jeans for a simpler pair of non-distressed denim. If the occasion calls for something more formal, like a nice family dinner, throw on a dress. You’ll look polished and refined, ready to give off the perfect first impressions.