WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

“Should I wear a dress? Or maybe a skirt? Heels or flats? Should I wear my hair up or down? Purse or clutch?” Any Fashionista has asked these questions aloud or even in her head for this occasion: date night. There is a lot of pressure of what to wear when a significant other is involved. The aspect that oftentimes makes it so difficult is that we don’t even know what the plans are for the evening. It may be just a casual dinner…but what if it isn’t? Seeing a movie? Going shopping downtown? Heading to a local museum?  You want to be prepared for anything that your date throws at you—and look chic while doing it.

This Fashionista’s look stuck out to me because it isn’t overdone and is completely versatile. It was simple enough for it to work for any type of date. The hair and light makeup is natural and cute, while the skinny jean and wedges amp up the sass. Her bold purse gives out a great pop of color while the print on her shirt is perfectly understated. The most important part of her look is her confidence. She’ll meet up with her date and instantly sweep him off his feet.

One Simple Change: Date went so well that you’re heading to a late night concert? Simply toss a leather jacket on and swap the wedges for a pair of combat boots! You got this!